Mark your brand in the eyes of your potential customer by the opportunity given during the festival celebration. Either it is limited edition collectable items, carefully thought goodies, commercial video, or a token of appreciation for your clients, use this moment to strengthen your position in the market. Happy Chinese New Year!

[ Tips #1 – Seasonal Merchandises ]



Seasonal merchandises always sells like hot cakes, especially when the season Chinese New Year where Chinese normally buy gifts back for friends and family.

[ Tips #2 – Taking Exclusivity to Another Level ]



And all that exclusivity about the packaging, you can still take it to another level by truly embracing the CNY festive spirit, creating a packaging that can reflect the joy and culture of the festive.

[ Tips #3 – Make A Local CNY Video ]



Malaysians anticipate CNY video from brands annually. It is one of Malaysian culture and spirit to do so as they chat with their friends on their favourite CNY videos.

[ Tips #4 – Tune a Tune ]



Creating a tune that is always played during the whole festive season (15 days at least) is a good way to propagate your brand and voice throughout the festive season.

[ Tips #5 – Revitalising Tradition ]



You can create repackage traditional values in a modern way to reflect back modern society so people can relate and be more receptive of the brand, tradition and the message that comes with it.

[ Tips #6 – Making it Exclusive ]



Vivo here is taking things to another level by making a CNY edition of their product, resonating with its customers both from brand and marketing perspective.

[ Tips #7 – The AngPao ]


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Every year married couples will hunt for beautiful and creative red packets and what way better to spread your Brand Awareness than this gorgeous little red packs which will be spread again later. (p.s there are even groups that collect ang pao on facebook)

[ Tips #8 – Joyous Yee Sang ]


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Lastly you can create a board games where friends and family can play and create meaningful bonds and memories.

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