The Biggest K-Pop Wave by Malaysia’s Leading Telco Rewards Platform

K-WAVE is a movement by Mcalls to ignite the best of K-Pop in Malaysia, bringing Mcalls Fans closer to their superstar idols from the Land-of-Kimchi. K-WAVE #1 ended with an epic bang in the hot summer of 2017, hitting a line-up of six ultimate K-Pop bands; A-Pink, B1A4, BTOB, Highlight, Teentop, and Victon. The festival is exclusive to Mcalls Fans with subscriptions via Mcalls M-Airtime, made possible by Malaysia’s leading telecommunication rewards redemption platform.


Mcalls is a product of Pavo Communications Sdn. Bhd. (PAVOCOMMS), conceived to reward telecommunication subscribers. The launch of Y33 SIM Pack in 2017 provides competitive packages with optimised data, voice, and text, targetting Malaysia’s growing youth. A young player in Malaysia’s telecommunication industry, Mcalls’ redemption platform – MMspot unites aspiring digital nomads and entrepreneurial-minded mobile users of today.


Surfing With K-WAVE

CR8 Consultancy was engaged by Mcalls to brand the successful K-WAVE #1 and #2. Now at the upcoming K-WAVE #3, the brand gained momentum in positioning Mcalls among crowds of targeted Y33 mobile users. The task; Creative direction and designs of a summer K-Pop party. Fun+ky, young, wild on the mark, backdrop, tees, digital ads, and POSM.


Identifying Visual Direction

It all started with fact-find and research on the audience in a K-Pop fandom.


Keywords were derived from what K-pop fans of that age range and landscape would like to see.
Definitions were then elaborated.

Brand Prism

Keywords + factual research enables the personification of K-WAVE brand.

The Logo

The K-WAVE mark was created with a trend in mind; For youths who hashtag everything for others to relate their topics of expression.

K-WAVE uses the # (hashtag) symbol as basis of its dynamic logo; Accommodating any rendition yet remaining relevant for the next theme, changing only inner elements. The symbols’ basic form is rendered from two overlapping shapes, relaying the connection of fans + idols.

Brand Graphics

Melted ice-creams, Bluish watermelon, and ‘pokok kelapa’ (coconut trees); As a richer representation complimenting the K-WAVE logo, supporting graphic elements were designed referring to the then venue at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on a fun+ky hot summer evening.