Experiencing Industrial Trial

CR8 Consultancy, a Creative Design Agency in Malaysia, driven to create meaningful experiences, that brings the consumer and brands together. We specialize in Branding and Digital Design but our services also include different disciplinary such as Creative Campaigns, Visual Communication, Advertising, Mobile Apps, Website Design and etc.

Our Philosophy revolves BUSINESS – leading with concepts and ideas; TECHNOLOGY – expansion of methods to reach out to audiences; and lastly DESIGN, the emotional connection of the two modules to communicate to the public with accurate brand message expressions using the right media.

In Project-Based Learning, we work closely with company CEOs to turn their project to the classroom, as we want to see students (and companies) grow and learn together. The real-life application of learning engages students beyond worksheets and traditional methods. Through these projects, we provide an opportunity for students to put their knowledge and skills which they have learned in the real industry.

These students will engage in real-world problems, scenarios, and challenges. These students will experience first hand what is like to work in the industry and hopefully carry them further in the future.

3 Key Notes to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Student

Invest in Yourself

We believe that it’s the job of every leader to get better and better. So invest in yourself. Continue your education or self-learning, and share that wisdom/knowledge with as many people as possible.

Know Yourself

We encourage students to work in different design industries. Through these experiences, they can rediscover themselves and know themselves better; be it their strength or weaknesses.

Students can focus on their strength but covering their own weaknesses also critical in their personal development. The students’ strengths will develop as they go on their journey and we hope that by knowing themselves, they can discover new possibilities for themselves.

Seek Mentorship

We strongly advise students to seek mentorship and help. Find those who have succeeded, and learn from them. What skill they’d like to develop with their mentor’s assistance. They will also have to consider their goals as well as the mentor’s characteristing when seeking for one.