”Joyous Yee Sang” gift box and the “Joyous Moment Together” board game is designed to share the meaning behind the Yee Sang dish and at the same time bring us down the journey to remember the warmth and togetherness with friends and family at this joyous occasion.

Yee Sang is a unique dish that is part of the Chinese culture during Lunar New Year, bearing auspicious meaning in every ingredient. Not only does Yee Sang represents great luck but also reflects peace and prosperity. After all, it is a perfect time to gather everyone together to share the blessing and laughter.

Board Game

“Joyous Moment Together” derived from the classic board game, “Snakes & Ladder”. The game is a simple racing game base on sheer luck and is popular with young children. It has also been used as a tool for teaching karma values. The idea of fortune-telling in the Joyous Moment Together’s board game was part of Chinese culture that believes in zodiac fortune as we used it to spice up the excitement and bonding moment.