Karnival Warna Ceria Paloh 2018

Paloh is located at Kluang district in the state of Johor. This town has been established for a little over a century, since 1916. Every year, Palohians come together to celebrate this heritage in the form of a festival. This festival serves a beacon to bring youths back and revitalize the town.
On March 31st, 2018, Paloh hosted “Karnival Warna Ceria Paloh” to encourage wanderers to come back home and have fun with their family. This village also hopes that you will be able to explore the old streets together and be a part of the memories. CR8 team joins this initiative to create meaningful events.

The Purpose


To celebrate and enjoy the nostalgic scene of Paloh.


Attract Palohians and tourists to revitalize the Paloh.


To let people experience Paloh’s exclusivity and specialties.

Target Audience

Malaysians who are seeking for a short trip.
Foreigners who are looking for new experiences.
Palohians who had left Paloh to work elsewhere.

The Challenge

Paloh is a small town and is only know by its surrounding communities. The lack of publicity makes it quite hard to pull in the crowd. Our second challenge is how to create and retain the hype for the success of the event.

The Solution

Social Media

We decide to use social media platforms to enhance the reach of the promotion. We even made promotional videos that generated 51,089 reaches.

Information Leaflets

We also created a map with a list of must-see attractions on the map with a brief history. This is to guide and create awareness about the hidden gems in Paloh as well as the historical heritage that spans over a century.


CR8 also form checkpoints around Paloh where people can stamp their card. The stamping blocks were designed to reflect the iconic buildings around the area. People can redeem merchandises or rewards from our booths once they complete the collection of stamps on their card.

Post Activities

As the initiative to revitalize Paloh, CR8 team does not stop only at the event, we continue the effort to publish personal interviews with some of the local businesses to promote them and not to let their knowledge and history die out. This effort is later consolidated into our very own Folome project.
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