10 Mom

App UI Design

10 Mom work as two way platform where new mom can find their preference confinement lady, and the confinement lady could promote her services to the public. The soon to be mom could choose their caregiver based on the ladies experience details, skills specification and even the rating given.

10 Mom
March, 2018
App Branding, Mobile App UI

About the Apps

Confinement care is one of the most crucial elements for every woman who just delivered a new life to this world. It is a starting point in celebrating the new born and by the same time getting the mom back to her health as soon as possible.

However, in this modern society, it is quite difficult to find a person who has this centuries old skill. Confinement care is not a mere service, it is a know-how tradition that passes between generations. With 10 Mom mobile application, the modern moms can find their best suitable confinement ladies at their fingertip.

App UI

The app UI applied the 10 Mom brand graphic elements. Besides that, baby dolphin is used as a mascot in the app. Living in a pack, the dolphins help one another during crisis. This reflects the credibility of 10 Mom as the know-how confinement provider.

Pastel colour especially pink & baby blue that made user feels soothing & calm are applied in the app.


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