First Smile

App Branding

First Smile Baby Journal App is an app as its name dictates, enable parents to share their baby photos and is sorted automatically in accordance to date. The posts cannot be viewed unless approved by the parents making information of the baby secured. This app aims to bring parents together and journal their babies’ growth in a secured space.

First Smile
November, 2015
App Branding, Mobile App UI

Brand Logo

The First Smile logo focuses on the smile while the type act as the blinking eyes. They idea was to capture the innocent the first smile of the baby, the most invaluable experience for the parents.

Primary Logo
Primary Colour
Primary Typography
Brand Elements

To further express the First Smile brand in an extensive manner, we have created a story which can be an expanded universe solely for First Smile’s future business expansion.

This universe adds a lot of fun elements to the brand when they wanted to tell their brand story.

Mobile UI

The mobile UI based of the graphic elements from the universe, depicting the penguin use of the app. This is in order to create a friendly approach as well as a cute expression of the app to relate the parents to the baby journal app.

UI Elements

We are also very proud that the app has been featured in several sites.

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    29th Jan 2016: Featured on Product Hunt

    A US top site for the latest mobile apps and tech creations. Only selected quality products will be featured on Product Hunt.

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    23rd Mar 2016: Featured on Cool Mom Picks

    One of the top 3 parents blog site in United States.

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    26th Mar 2016: Featured on Drippler

    One of the top App Recommendation site in United States.

2015 Best Social Communications Mobile Application

Mommy’s Choice

Parent Approved

More Than 2 Million Memories Uploaded


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