Why Branding

How branding creates sustainable values for bussinesses.

by N.Rani x 6th November 2018


Often when we discussed a topic in regard of branding, our mind will box it into the act of creating a logo, a perfect solution for packaging, the placement of graphical elements on the namecard, or to sum it all, the physical tangible outcome via design process. We literally have become accustomed to the common definition of branding which is a practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that will help them to easily differentiate their product with other market players.

Wilson Bastos and Sudney J. Levy in their journal “A History of The Concept of Branding: Practice and Theory” mentioned that historically the act of branding was practiced for the purpose of marking the belonging. Wealthy nobles, landlords or even the aristocrats came with their insignia or emblem. With this mark, the people will know who are they, where they come from and their role in the king’s court, their family culture, and other details.

Perhaps most of us still remember, when Kate Middleton married William of England, the 1st thing that the royal announce to the public officially in regard to their matrimonial is the Kate’s Family’s Emblem. It literally differentiates her family from other commoners. In other words, branding helps in creating a personal and social identity, to present oneself as both like other people (e.g. to belong) and unlike other people (e.g. to stand out), and to have an opportunity for desirable reputation.

Although the common understanding of branding as the naming of a product is essentially a simple one, the applications of this idea and the thinking about it have vividly evolved. In fact, in this era of technology and rapid growth of consumer awareness toward new products in the market, branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic elements. It is a strategic point of view not a selection of activities and serves as a central to create customer value toward the product.

Thus, in today business world branding has been defined as a process that encompasses your entire customer’s experience, from your logo, packaging, to your website, and even the way that you interact with your clientele no matter via a traditional communication medium or online (such as in your FB post). Once you manage to develop a relevance brand identity, the rest of your business will come more easily and fall into place. However, always remember to set the values within the brand strategy. Good branding helps you to focus on your company’s true values and goals, making it easier to market your company strategically and save you a good amount of money in the process.


To help your product or company get recognition.

Branding is important to a business because it is how a company gets recognition and becomes known to the consumers. The logo, especially where this factor is concerned, will be the most important element of branding, as it is essentially the face of the company. This is why a professional logo designer should help in this process to create a powerful and easily memorable logo that making an impression on a person at a glance.

To elevate your business value and set you apart from the competition.

When you are trying to generate future business, strongly established brands will have more leverage in the industry. It makes it a more appealing investment opportunity due to the firmly established in the marketplace. Besides, we are no longer competing on a local stage in this global economy. Thus it is important to be stand out among millions of similar organization from across the globe.

Helps in generates new customer & create trust in the marketplace by publicizing your DNA.

The full brand experience from the visual elements to the way you communicate while answering the email and phone calls reflect the kind of company you are. With this in mind, a good brand will have no trouble to attract others due to their positive impression. A brand with a trustworthy image will always be the people choice.

Motivation and confident for the staff.

A strongly branded company will give their staff more satisfacti on and making them truly stands behind the brand due to the sense of belonging. Besides, a clear branding strategy will provide a clear direction that your staff needs in order to help the company to be successful.

To create clarity and maintain the company goal and focus.

A good branding strategy will provide your company with a strong sense of direction. Without it, it doesn’t take long for you to be astray from your real objectives, goals or plans. This is when a clear brand strategy will guide you and help you to save a lot of time and money.

To connect you and the public emotionally.

A good brand comes with emotional experience. Body Shop, for example, makes their consumer believe that they are animal activist and NIKE makes their user believe that they can do anything. Making the user feel good when they buy the brand is one of the best strategies in maintaining market sustainability.

But a good brand doesn’t just happen. It demands a good plan, thorough research, and a group of brand architect to build it. So when you start to think about building the brand, make sure you commit to it. If you want to learn more about how to design a good brand strategy, contact us for a free consultation.